Cash App, Get 99% Off One Purchase this Week

cash app 99% offCash App, Get 99% Off One Purchase

Update (Nov. 12, 2021):

  • 11/12 North face – 99% Off. Limited time. Up to 30% off with Cash Card
  • 11/11 PacSun – 99% Off. Limited time. Up to 30% off with Cash Card
  • 11/10 Crunchyroll – 99% Off. Limited time. Up to $30 off with your Cash Card.
  • 11/09 Ulta Beauty – 99% Off. Limited time. Beauty stuff, or just useful stuff. Max discount $20 with your Cash Card
  • 11/08 Crocs – 99% Off. Limited time. Max discount $50 with your Cash Card.

Update (Nov. 5, 2021) – This offer will be back next week. There’s set time and date, so you just have to be ready and keep an eye out for it. If you don’t have an account, you can download the app now and use promo code MMZGVNB to get a $5 bonus. You can also refer friends or family members and get $30.

To take advantage of the offer you’ll need to use your Cash app debit card. But even if you don’t receive it in time, you can use the virtual card from your app.

Original article (Oct. 26, 2020):

Check your Cash app for 99% off one purchase, up to $50. Ends soon. Amazon gift card or reload it’s probably the quickest way.

First time users can download the app and enter referral code MMZGVNB to get a $5 bonus after sending $5. You can download the app for free for iOS and Android phones using the link below:

The Cash app usually has nice offers, but this is the best by far. Definitely worth getting it. Even if this offer doesn’t come back, you can usually save 10% on groceries (up to $75) every week.

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