CAR2GO, Sign Up For Free And Get $10 Credit (Select Cities)

CAR2GO is a car rental company that offers exclusively Smart Fortwo and Mercedes-Benz vehicles and features one-way point-to-point rentals. Users are charged by the minute, with hourly and daily rates available. Cars are user-accessed via a downloadable smartphone app wherever they are parked, so there’s no trip to a location to pick up and drop off a car.

Offer Page

CAR2GO bonus

They usually charge $5 membership fee, but right now you can signup for free and also get a $10 credit with promo code GOODEAL. This offer has been around in the past as well, but it’s a decent offer if you wanted to try this service. It is not available everywhere though. In the US they are only present inĀ Austin, Columbus, Denver, New York City, Portland, Seattle and Washington.

Offer Terms

  • Free registration + $10 drive time credit.
  • Credits are non-transferrable, expire after 30 days and are only valid in the registered city.
  • Please allow 1-2 business days for your account and credits to be activated.

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