US Bank Cash+ Card Adds Ground Transportation To Q2 5% Categories

As it was announced earlier this year, the charity would be dropped from the 5% categories on the US Bank Cash+ card. It will be replaced with Ground Transportation. You’re now able to select your bonus categories for Q2 by logging in to your account.

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Ground Transportation

Get 5% cash back when you use your card for purchases such as bus and passenger railway tickets, taxi fares and more. You can also get cash back on purchases for car services, like Uber and limousines! Keep In Mind It does not include purchases (such as bus and passenger railway tickets) made through travel agencies and tour operators. It also does not include purchases made at steam ships, cruise lines, freight trains, parking meters, parking garages and toll stations.

Below is a list of popular merchants in this category:

All Access Limousines

  • All Access Limousines
  • American Taxi® Dispatch, Inc.
  • Amtrak®
  • Black Ball Ferry Line
  • BoltBus®
  • car2go®
  • Catalina Express®
  • Chicago Carriage Cab Corp.
  • Clipper®
  • Flash Cab
  • Greyhound®
  • Lamers Bus Lines
  • Lyft®
  • Metra®
  • Metro Transit
  • Metropolitan Transportation
  • Mount Hood Railroad
  • NYC Taxi
  • Sound Transit
  • Stay Classy Transportation
  • TriMet®
  • Uber
  • Ventra
  • Washington State Ferries
  • Zipcar®

How Bonus Categories Work

With the U.S. Bank Cash+ card you’ll earn 5% back in two categories of your choice every quarter (up to $2,000 spent per quarter). You also earn 2% cash back in one category of your choice, and 1% cash back on all other purchases with no cap. Every quarter, you can switch your two 5% and one 2% bonus categories.

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