Walmart Credit Card Will Be Issued by Capital One in 2019

Capital One will issue credit cards for the world’s largest physical retailer in the United States starting Aug. 1, 2019, Walmart said. This new deal covers both credit cards that can only be used at Walmart’s website and stores, as well as co-branded cards that can be used elsewhere.

capital one walmart credit card

Capital One takes over as the issuer of Walmart’s credit cards from Stamford, Connecticut-based Synchrony Financial, whose contract was not renewed and expires next year.

The switch from Synchrony to Capital One is the biggest since Costco dumped American Express in favor of Citigroup Inc. in 2016.

It’s not clear what benefits or offers will be included in these new Capital One Walmart credit cards. Also this deal doesn’t seem to include the Sam’s Club credit card. For now you can just keep using your Wlmart card without issues. More details on the transition should be coming out soon.

5 thoughts on “Walmart Credit Card Will Be Issued by Capital One in 2019

  1. can you tell me when I will be receiving my Walmart statement. I usually have it by now and if you want a payment you need to get me a statement. I do not like this deal due to the fact that I do not like capital one.

    • I would assume that Capital One would keep the same statement date, but I don’t know for sure. Can you log in online and check your statement?

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