Buy Discounted AA Miles, Up To 42.5K Bonus Plus 10% Off

Now through February 16, 2017, you can get up to 42,500 bonus miles when you buy or gift American Airlines AAdvantage miles. On top of that, you’ll also receive 10% off your order when you buy or gift miles by February 8, 2017.

Buy Discounted AA Miles

That sounds a little confusing, but here’s the best case scenarios, including bonus miles and discount:

  • 20,000 + 7,000 bonus – $601 (2.23cpm)
  • 40,000 + 15,000 bonus – $1,172 (2.13cpm)
  • 60,000 + 22,500 bonus – $1,742 (2.11cpm)
  • 75,000 + 30,000 bonus – $2,171 (2.07cpm)
  • 100,000 + 42,500 bonus – $2,884 (2.02cpm)

By looking at the best possible deal at 2.02 you can guess that even when maximized, this is not really a deal to get too excited about. But could be useful for some working towards a redemption.

If you do decide to purchase miles, keep in mind that the purchase counts as airfare spend. So don’t forget to use a credit card that will give you the most points, such as Amex Platinum (5x on airfare) or Chase Sapphire Reserve (3x on travel) or Citi Prestige (3x on airfare).


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