BofA Targeting Some Inactive CC Accounts With $150 Statement Credit Offer

Bank of America is targeting some of their customers who haven’t used their credit cards in a while with statement credit offers. Offers are sent by email or you’ll be able to see them in your account when you log in online.

BoA 150 500 offer.png

The best offer mentioned is a $150 statement credit after spending $500 in three months. That’s a great bonus with no inquiry at all on your credit report. Another offer is for just $25, but it’s still something.

I checked my BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa Signature card that I haven’t used in months, but there was no offer. Check your accounts and hopefully you’ll see an offer and let me know in the comments if you see anything interesting.


2 thoughts on “BofA Targeting Some Inactive CC Accounts With $150 Statement Credit Offer

  1. I got the offer. I called the 1-800 number. They ask for your name and credit card number. Me being a suspicious person, I did not want to give them my credit card number until I was sure it was really BOA. I was concerned because I went on line and did not see this offer under my VISA Rewards section of my BOA on line account. I gave them my name, date of birth and zip code, then they gave me the last 4 numbers of my credit card number and my available credit line so that convinced me. And I had to then give the my password on my account. I was then “enrolled” into the offer. If I spend $500 in the next 90 days (which is a no brainer), beginning today, I’ll get a statement credit for $125. It will take 6 to 8 weeks for the credit to post AFTER I’ve completed the 90 days / $500 purchase requirement. So chances are, I’ll make the charges and pay it off long before I get the credit. When the credit posts and if I have no balance, I will see a negative balance (credit balance) on my statement. All this according to the very nice lady I spoke to on the phone. No hard sell. No product promotions, just want me to start using my card again. They read you a disclosure statement that says that the $125 bonus may be reported to you as 1099 income for tax purposes. Seems legit to me so I’m in! I asked about what charges qualify, she said “anything” ….. gas, groceries, etc. What a deal.

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