Best From The Rest Round Up – Week 34, 2016

Here’s a round up of posts, news, deals and other stuff that caught my attention in the last few days. I either don’t have the expertise, or was too lazy to write about them. Or maybe they’re just fun reads and not really travel/credit cards/deals related. I’ll add more posts to it during the day if I find anything else that I think will interest you, so check back.


  • How to count your 5/24 status by Frequent Miler – You’re probably seen 5/25 being mentioned on every CSR post this week. You’ve researched how to get around it and what counts towards it. This post will tell you how to count how many cards you’ve had in the last 24 months
  • I’m Giving Away a $10 Kohl’s Coupon – Drawing is on 8/25 so you only have few hours left to enter. Winner gets one $10 coupon code (the ones you get from Discover Deals). I only got one this month, so I probably won’t use it. Not really much, but hey it’s $10 free. Probably only makes sense if you have a few other coupons yourself. 3 entries per person with Facebook and Twitter. This is probably more you helping me out, than me giving away free stuff.
  • Marriott Adds Korean Air as Transfer Partner: Why This Improves Both Programs by View From the Wing – Regardless of transfer rates, new partnerships are always good news since they add more versatility to each program
  • Don’t Make This Huge Mistake with Statement Credits & Minimum Payments by Miles to Memories – Statement credits will not take care of minimum payments on a credit card. I’ve done this mistake  once as well a while back. Good thing is that you can usually ask for a refund on a late fee.
  • Chase PreApproval In-Branch Frequently Asked Questions by DoC – Preapproved offers are your best chance at getting around the 5/24 rule and DoC has some great info on how to get these offers and how they work

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