Belk Amex Offer: Save 6% on Third Party Gift Cards (Amazon, Best Buy and More)

Belk Amex Offer

Belk Amex Offer: Save 6% on Third Party Gift Cards

Check your American Express credit cards for a new offer that can save you 6% at Belk stores. You can find this offer in your Amex consumer and business credit cards. Check out the details of the offer below.


Get 6% back a statement credit by using your enrolled eligible Card to make purchases in-store at Belk by 12/31/2022. Limit of $250 back in total statement credits.

Offer Terms

  • Offer valid in-store only at Belk locations in the US.
  • Not valid on purchases made online.
  • Excludes outlet locations.
  • Not valid at locations in US Territories.
  • Excludes locations owned or operated by a third party. These may include, but not limited to, locations within hotels, airport terminals, and military bases.
  • Not valid on wholesale purchases and purchases made with authorized resellers.

Amex Offers

Amex Offers are an extra perk on all American Express credit cards, charge cards, and even prepaid cards. You can see these offers in your accounts either as a statement credit or extra Membership Rewards points for spending a certain amount at an eligible merchant. You will need to add the offer to a specific card, and then use that card to get the credit. You should add the offer to your preferred card. Amex Offers are now limited to just one per person. You can use the Membership Rewards version and the statement credit version of the same offer. Check out this quick way to add all offers at once, or use the MaxRewards app that even lets you save offers on multiple cards. For third party Amex cards you can use this new website, American Express Connect, to check for offers and also add them to your cards. See full list of Amex Offers here.

Guru’s Wrap-up

I’ve never seen a Belk store myself, but based on what GC Galore reports, they sell tons of third party gift cards. You can find these stores in 16 states. They apparently carry brands like Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, eBay and more.

With 6% back and 2X in rewards with a card like Amex Blue Business Plus for example, this can be a great opportunity. You can also link your card with Rakuten to possibly earn even more cashback for in-store purchases.

I see this offer on many cards. And with a max spend of $4,167 per card, you can buy tons of gift cards. You should be able to save the offer on multiple cards using MaxRewards.

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