Beginner’s Guide to meeting Minimum Spending Requirements

For many of you, this is nothing new. I’m sure you have used some, or most probably all of these methods to meet minimum spending requirements, but it’s still worth listing them for some of you who might be new to this or need some reminders.

Always pay with a Credit Card

This is the most obvious one, but yet not everyone does it. I have heard it more than once that people don’t like to use credit cards for small purchases. I use them for everything, be it a $500 purchase at a clothing store, or a $1.50 drink at the grocery store. There is no reason to pay in cash, unless they don’t accept credit cards. Even then, there will probably be another store close by that will take your credit card. If you need to meet minimum spend requirements, this is a must and it doesn’t cost you anything. In fact you make a profit of at least 1% (but hopefully more) on most credit cards. Spending that you would do anyway, gas, groceries etc. should go on the card.


Buying Gift Cards

This is useful for large minimum spend requirements, but also for smaller amounts. PIN enabled GCs bought in bulk, might put you well in your way to meet the requirement with two or three purchases (but they do come with a fee and are for the more advanced). But even gift cards for your favorite merchant are e great option. Most of them come with no fees and when buying them through portals online you will even get discounts. So if you know for example that you will spend $100 in the next few months at Toys R’Us, go and buy a $100 Toys R’Us GC. Maybe you can find them on a discount or just get cash back from sites such as TopCashBack, BeFrugal, Simply Best Coupons etc.

Loading Prepaid Cards

Amex has the best options with their Serve, Bluebird and Target REDcard. These are prepaid cards that can be loaded with gift cards. You can load up to $1000 per transaction, $2500 per day and $5000 per month at any Target store, either at Customer Services or at a cashier. Crads that process as credit are no longer allowed, but other cards that have a PIN are still fair game. The same thing goes for Serve and Bluebird which can be loaded at Walmart. Serve can even be loaded online with certain credit cards, up to a $1000 per month.

Reselling Gift Cards

You can also resell gift cards, usually certain merchants that have a high reselling value. Gift Card Granny has a great tool to search sites that offer the most for the gift cards that you want to sell. If you buy gift cards with a good deal, you might come up ahead when adding cash back and credit card points/miles. Always do your research and read other people experiences with each website, before jumping into this.

Paying Your Utilities

Always pay your utility bills with a credit card, but first make sure that they don’t charge you a fee. Those bills really add up once you pay your gas, electricity, phone, internet, cable, homeowners and car insurance etc. You can also prepay some of the utility bills and this might make it worth even paying the credit card fee. If you need to spend large amounts quickly, them a $2 fee for example, is not a big price to pay for $300-400. You will usually get credit for future bills when you overpay, but always check with your provider when you do this. You can do this with your insurance as well, by paying for 6 months for example, instead of monthly installments.

Pay your rent

There’s a few websites out there that let you pay your rent with a credit card, such as which we have covered before. You might be able to pay a few months at once, but these websites usually charge 2-4% for using a credit card, so make sure that the service fee will be worth it for what you are trying to achieve.

Charging Opening Deposits

If you see a good bank deal that allows you to use a credit card for the opening deposits, always go for it. You inch towards your minimum spending requirement, you receive points/miles, and you’ll get that bank bonus later as well. You just have to make sure that the deposit is not considered a cash advance.


This will count towards minimum spending requirements, but also make you feel good about yourself while helping others.

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