Barclays Arrival Premier No Longer Available for New Applications

Barclays Arrival Premier card entered the market back in April of 2018. It was the bank’s foray into the premium credit card space. While the card offered some perks and decent earning rates, it was never a card that garnered much interest. The main reason for that was the absence of a signup bonus.

With Barclays Arrival Premier the bank was aiming to attract people with the promise of an ongoing annual bonus. You could earn 25K miles afer spending $25K. Read my review here.

That’s not a bad proposition on top of the 2X miles that you earn on all purchases. But with no signup bonus, $150 fee and lackluster points system, it would never draw a crowd.

Barclays Arrival Premier Dead

It was soon clear that this new card wasn’t faring very well. Barclays brought back the Arrival Plus card which had been a huge success previously. 2.1X earning everywhere and a great sign up bonus sure makes a winner. And now Barclays is just sticking with the Arrival Plus.

Barclays Arrival Premier is now closed for new signups. They will continue to support current customers for now, but they will not issue it anymore.

Will anyone miss it?

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