[Expired] Targeted AT&T Offer From Bank Of America And Others, Up To $70 Moneymaker

There’s a new targeted offer at BankAmeriDeals for Bank of America credit card holder. You can make up to a $70 profit by making two payments with your card at AT&T. This Bank Of America AT&T offer is also available from other banks such as Suntrust, PNC and other banks that use the same system. There’s  usually a few different versions of the offer:

  • Earn $100 cash back when you make two transactions of at least $15
  • Earn $75 cash back when you make two transactions of at least $15
  • Earn $50 cash back when you make two transactions of at least $15

Bank Of America AT&T Offer

I don’t see the offer in my cards, hence the old image above. Log into your accounts and check your offers.

Offer Terms

  • Offer expires 6/5/18
  • Offer must be used by 7/20/18 (This means you have to save the offer on your account by 6/5/18 and use it by 7/20/18)
  • Offer valid in-store or online at at&t.com or over the phone
  • Must use one of the cards associated with the online account
  • Cash Back is earned 30 days after making second purchase

Guru’s Wrap-Up

We see this offer every few months. If you are targeted, you can make an easy $20, $45 or $70, depending on which offer you have.

This is easier if you’re already an AT&T customer, since you can just make two $15 payments towards your monthly bill. But even if you’re not, you can make two purchases of at least $15, maybe some accessories. Make sure to purchase at a Corporate store, not an Authorize Retailer.

Do you have it? Let us know!


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