Bad News From Discover Deals For Non-Discover Card Purchases

Big Habitat has posted a letter from one of his readers who was contacted by mail by Discover’s Fraud Prevention Departments regarding Discover Deals purchases made with non-Discover cards. The same reader says that he hasn’t seen any rewards clawed back yet, but this is worrisome if you done high volumes of purchases through Discover Deals with cards other than Discover.


I haven’t seen any clawed back rewards either on my Discover card, but it seems like Discover is taking a much closer look at these purchases after a sure spike in purchase volume in specific stores with their double cash back deal.

Here’s the text from the letter:

We are contacting you because we have noticed that you are a frequent user of Discover’s online shopping site, Discover Deals. While we are happy to bring you some of the best shopping offers on the Web, we also want to remind you that the terms and conditions of this site state that a Discover card must be used for all purchases in order to qualify for the rewards provided by the offers.

During a recent review of your account we found that one or more of the purchases you have made through Discover Deals recently were no made using a Discover card as the method of payment.  As a result, any rewards you received in connection with purchases made using a card other than Discover were erroneously added to your account.  These rewards have now been identified and removed from your account.

Let me know if you’ve had any issues with your Discover cash back.

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