Uber Makes it Harder to Use Amex Platinum Monthly Credit

The American Express Platinum credit card is one of the best travel cards out there. Besides all the other perks, it also gives you a $200 annual Uber credit. Until now the credit has been fairly easy to use, as it was applied automatically to the price and you would pay the remaining balance, if any, with whatever method of payment that you chose.

amex platinum uber credit

In the last few days, or week, the $15 in Amex Uber credits ($35 in December) are being applied to the Uber Cash balance intead. That means that you need to manually select Uber Cash as your payment method in order to use your credits. If you do not have enough to cover the entire ride, you’ll be prompted to add credits to your account, or you can scroll down and select a card to cover just the remaining amount.

If you don’t specifically request to use your Amex credit by opting to pay with Uber Cash, then you might forget about the credit altogether, and lose it once the month is over.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

The move was supposedly aimed at helping Uber passengers avoid applying their Amex credits to business trips. I never had that issue, but I guess that must have been something that required fixing. The way it was implemented leaves a lot to be desired as I’m sure there’s people that assumed credits have been applied and haven’t checked to make sure. Check your account and see if the credit is still unused. You have today and tomorrow to use up your October $15 credit.


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