Amex Offers Can No Longer Be Synced Through Twitter & Facebook

Amex Offers are a great added feature for all American Express credit cards. The way these offers work is that once they pop up in your account you can add them to your card and then use that card to make a purchase at that specific merchant and you will receive a statement credit or a bonus in Membership Rewards points.

To add these offers to a card you can log into your American Express account online or in app and go to Amex Offers. This works fine if you only have one or a couple of cards, but for those with 10, 20 our even more cards it becomes a hassle. That’s why people loved when an offer was available through Twitter or Facebook. You could just currency s card to a Twitter account for example and just tweet a hashtag to add offer to account. You could then use services like TweetDeck to automatically add offers to all your cards.

Now this option to sync offers through Twitter and Facebook is no longer available. We started seeing very few offers that had this option starting about mid 2017and we weren’t seeing any at all by the end of the year. Now it’s official, all offers have to be added manually for each card.

This could be seen a positive or negative move. Its negative for those with lots of cards that now have to manually log in and add an offer 10 or 20 times. But it could be a positive development for those who never seemed to get some of the best offers before they reached their limit. With many people automating offers, the good ones would sometime reach limit within a few hours of being released if they were available to be synced through Twitter or Facebook.

Let me know what you think.

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