Amex Offers, Free $20 Purchase at Amazon (Targeted)

Amex Offers has a great new offer that basically gives you $20 to spend at Amazon. You have to spend $20 at Amazon and you will a get $20 statement credit on your Amex Card after adding the offer.

Amex Offers - Amazon 20

This is an amazing offer, expecially for those with many Amex cards, but there’s a small catch. It is targeted and not everyone has the offer available on their Amex Offers. I checked my four Amex cards but I do not see the offer on any of them.

Maybe some of you will have more luck. Let us know if you see the offer and on which cards it shows up. If you don’t need anything from Amazon right now, you can just buy Amazon gift cards and use them later on. You can only add this offer through your Amex account, Twitter sync is not available.

HT: pointsmilesandmartinis

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