Amex Launches ‘Score Goals’ to Help Consumers Improve Credit Score

Amex Launches Score Goals

Amex Launches ‘Score Goals’ to Help Consumers Improve Credit Score

American Express announced that it has enhanced MyCredit Guide, it’s popular free credit score tool, to include Score Goals. This is a new capability to help most U.S. consumers, even those who are not American Express Card Members, improve their Vantage 3.0 credit score.

Score Goals can help U.S. consumers achieve a desired credit score over a given time frame. Let’s say you are aiming for a 800 score for a specific reason. Score Goals will help you achieve it by a certain time, depending on what score you currently have. There’s no hidden tricks on improving a credit score, but seeing the steps you need to take, laid out clearly, will help you achieve the score you want.

With consumers now more focused than ever on staying on top of their credit score and overall financial health, Score Goals complements the financial wellness offerings from American Express to help meet this need.

How Score Goals Works

  • After enrolling a free account with MyCredit Guide, users can review their current Vantage Score 3.0

  • With just a few clicks, users can input their desired credit score and Score Goals will generate a personalized recommendation for how to achieve it

  • Score Goals uses real TransUnion credit bureau data tracked in real time and analyzes a user’s credit history, along with the real credit experiences of millions of people

  • At each login session, users can view their current credit score and will receive updates on their progress towards their goal

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