Amex Blue Business Plus Now Has Amex Offers

Amex Blue Business Plus is a new card from American Express that was released earlier this year. The main selling points of this card are that it earns 2X Membership Reward points on the first $50,000 spent each calendar year, with no category restrictions and no annual fee. There was also a 20K singup bonus in the past, and a targeted one now.

But one drawback was that the card wasn’t getting Amex Offers. It was possible to add some of those 1X Extra MR Offers for certain merchants, but that method also ended recently.

Amex Blue Business Plus amex offers

However, today, when I checked my account, I saw two Amex Offers listed under my Amex Offers & Benefits section. Not the best offers, but this probably means that now we’ll start getting offers on our Amex Blue Business Plus cards.

Gurus Wrap-Up

This is great news since Amex Offers definitely add value to Amex cards, especially to fee free cards. And even better, this is a business card, which means that additional user cards don;t count towards 5/24.


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