Amex Adds “Once Per Lifetime” Restrictions To Business Cards

The bad news keep on rolling in this year. Some of the best churnable cards out there will be limited to once per lifetime. It’s the American Express Business cards.

Amex already has this limit in place for personal credit cards. If you’ve had a certain card previously, then you can’t get a bonus even if you never received one the first time you had that card.

American Express OPEN

Business cards only had a restriction of 12 months. So you had to wait a year before applying again and receiving the bonus for the same card. But now all business cards have a lifetime restriction in the Offer Terms. They added the following fine print in bold:

Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product.

The Amex Business SPG is the only card that doesn’t have the lifetime language yet.

Is It Really Limited To Once Per Lifetime?

The change just happened. Apparently it was first mentioned a week ago it FlyerTalk, but I just learned of it yesterday. We’ll know more soon but I believe that some targeted offers will not have the once per lifetime language.We’ve seen in the past targeted offers that didn’t have the 12 month language so I doubt that will change.

You now have to be more selective on the Amex Business cards that you apply for and wait for highest offers or close to that if you need points right away. Also remember to never upgrade or downgrade Amex cards, since it doesn’t matter if you received a bonus or not, as long as you previously had the card.

You can also take a few steps to better your chances of being targeted afterwards. Kevlarlover has a few good tips on reddit:

  1. Opt in to special offers with Amex in your personal CC account communication preferences. (I got all of my targeted business card offers via email.)
  2. Be sure you haven’t opted out of prescreened financial offers in the mail.
  3. Register a URL with your real info:

Any other ideas? Let me know!

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