Amex to Discount Some Credit Card Annual Fees Due to COVID-19?

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Amex to Discount Credit Card Annual Fees Due to COVID-19

American Express said recently that they are working on providing new perks and benefits in May. This might come in the form of offers, credits and extra rewards. Some cards will also be refreshed, as it was revealed in the first-quarter earnings call on April 24th.

But one of those credits might be for annual fees on American Express credit cards. Two American Express cardholders report on reddit that they were told that there will soon be a universal offer for all cards with annual fees, to make up for the uncertainty of travel during the coronavirus pandemic. American Express representatives provided this information during retention calls.

So if your annual fees have posted or are due soon, it might be worth waiting until May if possible, to see what kind of offer American Express might provide. That’s if you do not get a good offer on your retention call(s). We do not have a date on when these new perks and benefits and maybe this fee discount might come. I reached out to Amex to ask about this, and I will update the article if there is any more information worth mentioning.

Let me know if you have heard anything similar when calling American Express. It makes sense for the issuer to offer some kind of discount, especially for premium cardholders who can’t use some of the most important benefits that their credit cards provide. Delta, Hilton, Marriott and Gold and Platinum cards are all geared toward travelers.

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