Amazon, Get $15 Credit When You Buy 3 Dash Buttons For $5

Amazon Dash Button is a Wi-Fi connected device that ensures you never run out of your essential household, drink, grocery, health care, personal care, baby and pet products ever again. When you are running low on your favorite products at home, simply press Dash Button and relax while your order is fulfilled and delivered. You need Prime membership to buy Dash buttons. Dash Buttons usually cost $4.99 each and you get a $4.99 instant credit after your first press. That makes them free, but right now you can do even better.

Direct link to offer.

amazon dash button credit

Amazon is giving out two free Dasg Button devices when you purchase one for $4.99. And you still get $4.99 credit for each one of them after first press. That’s $10 in free Amazon credits. You need to make a purchase, but it’s possible to get the credit just by using the Dash Button without actually purchasing.


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