7 thoughts on “Amazing Deal, $400 Capital One 360 Checking Bonus (Targeted)

  1. I already have an account with 360, but this is probably the best offer I have ever seen for a checking account with minimal reqs. It looks like there’s only a handful of ppl that can profit from it though.

  2. This is a targeted offer to certain customers only, I don’t think the idea is for people to try and share this promotion openly on the internet. I am pretty sure if you aren’t eligible you will not get the incentive. I would think with an offer with this type of incentive that 360 is looking for quality customers to establish a primary banking relationship, not gamers looking to score an incentive without doing much.

    • I completely agree Tony, just not with the sharing part. We’re letting our readers know about an existing offer, to make sure that they look for it, and see if they’re eligible. Capital One 360 is a great bank that I have made my primary bank now, and for those who can take advantage of this offer, it would be an amazing deal. I signed up for Capital One 360 through a $100 bonus offer. I was impressed with them and now they have a long time customer. That is the goal of such offers, bring in new customers and try to keep them afterwards.

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