7 thoughts on “Albert Banking App, $500 Signup Bonus Posting Now

  1. I used yours but Albert first said they could not see it on their end and now saying I did not meet the requirements. Filing CFPB, a lot of people on DOC same experience.

    • As I mentioned in the article, i was able to get the bonus after they said they could not see it that I applied through a $500 referral. I was able to send in a screenshot and they honored it. But if they’re claiming that you didn’t meet requirements, and you did, then CFPB is the best way to go. If you need the screenshot of the referral, you can email me at dannydealguru at gmail.

  2. You don’t happen to have a screenshot of the $500 friend referral details, do you? I would be forever indebted

    • I can email you the same screenshot I used when I asked about the signup bonus. Email me at dannydealguru @ gmail

  3. Albert $150 Bonus! [EASY MONEY]

    You have to register through this link: https://app.albrt.co/CCBfkVCi6qb
    • Condition: we both get $150 when:
    1. You deposit $200 or more every month, for 3 consecutive months
    2. Spend $100 on goods or services every month, for 3 consecutive months, using Albert debit card

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