Alaska Airlines Gets Tough on Masks, “No Mask? No Travel”

Alaska Airlines Gets Tough on Masks

Alaska Airlines is taking a tough stance on masks. The airline will strictly enforce its rules for masks on board and if you do not wear one, you simply cannot travel.

Per Alaska Airlines policy, a cloth face mask or covering is required for the duration of your flight, including boarding and deplaning. Effective August 7, 2020, mask exceptions apply only to children under the age of 2 (in alignment with CDC age guidelines). If you are unable to wear a mask throughout the airport and for the duration of your flight for any reason, you will not be able to fly with Alaska Airlines the announcement says. For those who don’t comply with this policy, Alaska Airlines’ flight attendants are empowered to hand over a “yellow card,” which will result in the suspension of future travel on Alaska for guests who repeatedly refuse to wear a mask or face covering.

Alaska Airlines will make masks available upon request for those who do not have one. Individual hand-sanitizer wipes are available on board. They are also rolling out additional hand-sanitizing stations in check-in lobbies and gate areas.

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