Most Airlines Mandate Face Masks on Flights, See Rules for Each Carrier

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Most Airlines Mandate Face Masks on Flights

JetBlue was first airlines to require face masks and son after most US airlines followed suit. Rules and starting dates vary from one airline to the other but they are based on CDC guidelines. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised the public to wear a cloth face mask in situations where social distancing measures are difficult to follow. So here you can find a list of the airlines that require face masks and also when and how the rules will be implemented. There are also some additional rules to help social distancing, such as leaving middle seats empty.

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Alaska Airlines

Allegiant Air

  • The airline will provide passengers with masks, gloves and hand wipes, but it is not mandatory to wear masks.
  • No rules implemented for seating, but seating could be rearranged onboard to enforce social distancing
  • Food is sold only in prepacked containers.

American Airlines

  • All passengers will be required to wear a face covering or mask while on-board American Airlines aircrafts.
  • Flight attendants are required to wear face coverings on every mainline and regional flight from May 1
  • Customers would be given sanitizing wipes and face coverings.
  • Food and drink service has been reduced

Delta Air Lines

Frontier Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

  • Starting May 8, passengers are asked to wear face masks or coverings over their mouth and nose. The measure will be in place from check-in until passengers leave aircrafts. The airline will provide masks at check-in counters and gates.


Southwest Airlines

  • Flight attendants will be required to wear masks starting May 3.
  • Starting May 11, passengers also will be required to wear face masks. Masks will be available for people that don’t bring them.
  • Number of passengers onboard each flight will be limited so that middle seats can remain empty. People traveling together will be permitted to sit together.
  • Food and drink service has been suspended

Spirit Airlines

  • From May 11, customers must wear face coverings while traveling with the airline.

United Airlines

  • Flight attendants will be required to wear masks starting May 3.
  • Passengers and employees must wear facial coverings on-board flights from May 4. The airlines will provide face masks onboard to those who don’t have them.
  • Middle seats or aisles seats will be blocked.
  • Food and drink service has been reduced

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