BofA Alaska Airlines Credit Card, Get $75 Flight Discount When You Spend $250 (Targeted)


Bank of America has a great targeted offer for the Alaska Airlines Credit Card. The offer was sent out earlier this morning and if can get you a $75 discount on Alaska flights.

Alaska Airlines Credit Card $75 Flight Discount

Alaska Airlines Credit Card $75 Flight Discount

Receive a $75 flight discount after you spend $250 or more in purchases with your Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card at qualifying department, electronics, toy, book and sporting goods stores from now through December 31, 2017. If you meet the spending requirements, you will receive a $75 flight discount code in your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan online account.

Offer Terms

  • No activation required, just use your card.
  • Superstores, discount stores and warehouse clubs are not included
  • The $75 flight discount code will expire one year from the date issued to your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan online account.
  • Discount not valid on partner airlines.
  • Allow 12 weeks from the end of the promotion for the code to show up in your online account.


Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is a very good offer and definitely worth doing if you were targeted and can make use of Alaska flights. Spending requirement is pretty low and you have plenty of options to complete it.


3 thoughts on “BofA Alaska Airlines Credit Card, Get $75 Flight Discount When You Spend $250 (Targeted)

  1. Anyone take part in this and actually have the credit post to their account? I presume the credit will post in the Alaska Mileage Plan account as a flight discount or credit. I’ve been given the run-around by BofA on this promotion ever since December.

    Whenever I cal BofA their reps have no idea that this promotion ever existed even when I called during the promotion period. Every one of their reps thinks I am asking about the sign-up bonus miles or the companion certificate. When I try to clarify they just claim that it must be an Alaska Airlines promotion and tell me I need to take-up the issue with Alaska Airlines.

    I did get one rep back in December who saw the promotion and was able to verify that the merchants where I was spending would qualify under the promotion terms and thus I should meet the spend threshold without a problem. BUT since then the $75 discount has not posted to my account and their reps are clueless.

    Finally Alaska Airlines reps have been great and their customer care person who interfaces with BofA is now trying to take it to their contact at BofA customer service to figure it out.

    I’m curious : has anyone has seen the $75 discount actually post to their account or had similar difficulties with these promos not being recognized by BofA?

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