Alaska Airlines, Up To 50% Bonus Miles

I just received an offer from Alaska Airlines, with up to 50% bonus miles.

Alaska Airlines Bonus Miles

Exclusive to you, as a Visa Signature Cardholder: here’s your chance to rack up miles, fast, and go adventuring sooner. From now until August 9, buy miles and you’ll get up to 50% bonus miles on your purchase. Or, buy miles as a gift for friends and relatives, and your gift will be up to 50% bigger.

10,000 – 19,000 miles 20% bonus miles
Buy 20,000 – 34,000 miles 35% bonus miles
Buy 35,000 – 40,000 miles 50% bonus miles

So if you buy the maximum allowed in one transaction, you’ll receive 60,000 miles for $1,182.50 after taxes. That’s 1.97 cents per mile.

This is the best offer I’ve seen from Alaska Airlines. They had a similar offer a few months ago, but they offered a maximum of 40% bonus. If you’re planning premium international flights, then this is a great opportunity to add miles to your Mileage Plan account.

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