Airbnb Planning More Acquisitions To Expand Presence In Travel Industry

Airbnb announced late last year that they were planning to add a flight booking tool to their service, in an attempt to expand their business model and become a go to service for all travel needs.


Skift reports that Airbnb is taking even more steps in that direction. Airbnb is considering a combination of acquisitions and partnership deals to quickly grow its portfolio, according to three people with knowledge of Airbnb’s plans.

On Thursday is was reported that  Airbnb’s board met to approve the $300 million purchase of Luxury Retreats, a vacation-home management company in Montreal. Airbnb is also in the process of purchasing the group-payments company Tilt.

Recent moves from Airbnb come after roadblocks to its current home sharing platform. London, New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Barcelona have claimed Airbnb’s short-term rentals violate local zoning laws and displace long-term residents. New York just recently started handing out fines to those posting illegal Airbnb rentals.

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