$80 Shell Gas Discount For $52 On Groupon

You can buy a 4-Pack of Fuel Rewards Cards good for $1 off per gallon (Up to 20 Gallons per card) for $52 on Groupon. Each card can only be used once, so you have to make sure to pump 20 gallons in one fill up to maximize the offer. Not many cars have tanks that big, so if you have a midsize vehicle you will probably need to maximize it by filling two cars at once. You must swipe Fuel Rewards Instant Rewards Card at the pump before providing payment.

Gasoline Rewards Cards   Fuel Rewards   Groupon.jpeg

This offer is much better for new Groupon customers who can receive a 25% discount. That would bring the price down to $39 for $80 worth in Shell gas discounts. You can always use my referral link to sign up and then use promo code FIRST at check out for 25% off tour first Groupon purchase.

There’s also a Groupon sale for 25% off with promo code FLY25 but it’s not working on this purchase.

Simply Best Coupons has the best rate right now with 10% cash back for Groupon deals. For Discover card holders, Discover Deals is also offering 5% back so if you have the double cash back promo, you’ll still get 10%. That would give you another $5 off ($4 for new customers).

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