Earn 5x On Gift Card Purchases At GiftCard Mart

GiftCard Mart sent out an email today informing customers that they have reclassified their merchant category code so you can expect 5x the earnings on certain card purchases. This comes after the news last week that some online gift card resellers would no longer earn the higher rates.

5x On Gift Card Purchases At GiftCard Mart

These are the best cards to use at GiftCard Mart:

  • Chase Ink Cash/Classic (Visa or Mastercard Versions): Earn 5% Cashback
  • Chase Ink Bold/Plus (Visa or Mastercard Versions): Earn 5x Ultimate Rewards
  • Chase Ink Preferred (Visa): Earn 3x Ultimate Rewards
  • Citi AT&T Access More (Mastercard) : Earn 3x Thank You Points

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is some good news that gives people some options for gift card purchases. However, GiftCard Mart doesn’t have that many good deals or a large selection. Hopefully some other resellers follow their lead.

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