5000 AAdvantage Miles And $7 Wine

I just received an offer by email that it’s interesting if you’re a wine drinker. You can receive a good price on wine and 5000 AAdvantage miles. Check your email for the offer if you have a credit card that earns AAdvantage miles.

Make sure to just receive that first shipment and not continue receiving any more after that. It gets much more expensive, maybe $15 to $20 per bottleour even more, and surely not worth it for OK wine.


Six delicious wines for only $6.99 per bottle

Enjoy great tasting wines delivered right to your door with American Cellars by Vinesse. Join today, and for a limited time, you’ll receive:
5,000 AAdvantage® bonus miles
Six delicious wines for only $6.99 per bottle plus 1¢ shipping – a savings of $116
Five AAdvantage miles for every $1 you spend
Your included bonus: a six–piece deluxe wine tote
(a $37.95 value)
All wines are guaranteed, and there’s no obligation to purchase more. 

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