2.25% Cash Back on AMEX Gift Cards (TODAY ONLY)

(Deal Ended. Only 1.5% Back Now) The deal is only today so hurry. You can get 2.25% cash back when you shop through topcashback.com (using my referral we both get $10 back). Don’t use a Promo Code, it will cancel out the 2.25% and buy as many as you can since you have to pay a card fee and also shipping, which is $8.95 regardless of how many cards you buy. Don’t use your Citi cards, they usually will get processed as cash advances. 2.25 percent back on AMEX gift cards

You can load the AMEX Gift Cards to your REDcard at your local Target. Again, use my referral if you don’t have an account or just go to topcashback.com if you already do have one.


I already purchased a few 2K gift cards today and the cash back already shows pending on my topcashback account (within 30 minutes).

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