$105 eBay Gift Card For $91.75 (New Raise Customers)

If you’ve never used Raise.com then this is probably a good time to sign up. By using their new customer offer of $5 OFF, you can get a $105 in eBay gift cards for just $91.75.


This is not scalable but it is a good opportunity to get started with Raise which is a great option for gift card reselling.

Here are the steps

  1. Sign up at Raise.com (my referral link, I get $5 as well)
  2. Purchase a $100 eBay gift card, priced at $96.75 (3.3% off)
  3. At checkout enter coupon code RAISE75AF
  4. Buy a $100 eBay gift card on eBay using the gift card you just purchased, get a $5 eBay GC bonus

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