Sell $50+ Gift Cards, Get $10 Cash Back

TopCachBack is running a nice promotion for where you can get $10 cash back when selling $50+ gift cards at The cash back will at least make you break even on a lot of gift card sales and you can earn some points/miles with this deal.

TopCachBack Raise 10 is a gift card market place that is a bit different from other sites. You sell your cards directly to other people and collect a 15% commission on any sale. They also have a promotion that reduced the commission fee by 5%.

How to get the %10 cash back

Go to TopCashBack (please use my referral if you don’t have an account)

Search for and click the promotion

List your $50+ gift card for sale (please use my Raise referral if you don’t have an account)

Use code SELLAF10 to receive 5% off comission

It’s noted in the TopCashBack terms that the transaction will track at a lower rate and then raised to $10 at the end of the month. Also the total that can be earned from purchases and sales at Raise is limited to $1000.

HT: orensmoneysaver, he also has a few gift card sale examples

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