Yazing Will Charge 10% Fee on Payments

Yazing sent out an email to its customers a couple of days ago, announcing a change to its payouts. They will begin charging a 10% fee when you cash out your cashback.

Yazing Will Charge 10% Fee on Payments

Here’s the full email:

Dear Valued Yazing Members,

Our goal with Yazing is to continue to grow and build a solid and health business that creates opportunities for every individual to generate extra income by recommending money saving deals from the top online brands.
Our original idea was that we could pass 100% of the commissions back to our members and earn commissions on the non-referred transactions that come in through our deal pages.  Our theory is that as more and more of our members post their brand referral links on their blogs, social media accounts and forums to make money that this activity will generate more non-referred transactions through higher rankings of our deal pages in the search engines.
While we still believe in this model, we have not seen the volume of shared links that we were expecting and need to start charging a small payment processing and services fee.  Starting in March of 2019, we will begin charging a small 10% fee on all payments.  We hope you will agree that this is a small and fair amount.
As our members continue to use the influencer and affiliate aspects of Yazing to make money via online recommendations, we expect that our non-referred transactions will grow and that we will be in a position to re-evaluate the necessity of this fee in the future.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Yazing!

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Sound a bit worse than it is. The 10% fee will make the posted cashback rates 10% worse. So Yazing offers 4% cashback for Avis for example. Considering that you have to pay a 10% fee when you request payment, the actual cashback rate would be 10% less, so 3.6%.

It would be much easier if they just lowered the rates by 10% instead of promoting higher rates and then hitting you with the fee when you cash out.

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