Dell Sending Out Xbox Gift Cards from Canceled Orders

Xbox Gift Cards from Canceled Orders

Dell Sending Out Xbox Gift Cards from Canceled Orders

If you ordered Xbox Gift Cards from Dell at the end of 2022, you should check your email inbox even if your orders were canceled. As you might know, Xbox Gift Cards are one of the options to use the Amex Business Platinum credit, if you don’t need to buy anything else from Dell.

I placed an order on December 22nd, to use the credit from two Amex Business Platinum cards. The order total was about $400, with two items worth $300 and a $100 Xbox Gift Card. I received the two items and the statement credit on December 27th, but the Xbox Gift Card was canceled an never charged on my card (it was pending for a while).

And then today, the Xbox Gift Card arrived in my email, with subject “Dell Digital Locker Order | Order: XXXXXXXXX”. And I’m not alone. A friend of mine also received an Xbox Gift Card today from a canceled order, and there are many reports from redditors as well. Some people are getting only some of the canceled orders, and other receive all of them. Some are not charged at all, some are, and other have charges pending. it all looks like a big mess.

Let me know in the comments if you received Xbox Gift Cards from canceled orders today.

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