Walmart Is Launching Its Own Version of Amazon Prime


Walmart Is Launching Its Own Version of Amazon Prime

Walmart is in the process of launching a new membership program called Walmart+. This is a service that will compete with Amazon Prime by possibly offering deals and services that you might not find in your Prime membership. Walmart will soon begin testing the membership and described it as an overhauled version of its current Delivery Unlimited program, which charges users $13 monthly or $98 annually for unlimited grocery delivery.

Walmart is looking to differentiate its program from  Amazon Prime by offering prescription discounts, fuel savings at gas stations, and a scan-and-go system to save shoppers time in store. Recode reports that low grocery prices will also be leveraged to entice customers to sign up for Walmart+. Text-based ordering is also being considered as a feature.

There’s no word yet on pricing. But if it goes with the same pricing of the current Delivery Unlimited program, it would compete directly with Amazon’s own membership. Prime does not offer savings on gas and prescriptions but it does have many other features such as same-day or one-day delivery, music and video streaming and much more.

There is still no set date for the launch of this program, but it does sound interesting.

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