Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Walgreens of Negligence in Data Breach

Walgreens Class Action Lawsuit

Walgreens Class Action Lawsuit

A class cation lawsuit alleges that Walgreens failed to protect sensitive personal information. The lawsuit comes after a data breach last year, and says that Walgreens also waited too long to inform customers.

The lawsuit was filed by Walgreens customer Laura Hernandez of Oakland Park in Florida. She says she was notified in December 2019 that unauthorized third-parties had gained access to her name and contact information as well as other sensitive data such as her prescription history.

In the lawsuit Hernandez lists the steps she had to go through to prevent further losses, which were time consuming. She had to change her login on numerous websites, contacted several companies to make sure false claims had not been filed, checked multiple bank statements and reviewed credit reports.

In addition, the Walgreens class action lawsuit says the company waited too long to notify customers whose data had been breached. The data breach was discovered around September 26, 2019 and affected customers were identified 10 days later. Walgreens then waited another two months to notify affected customers.

The Walgreens class action lawsuit alleges that the company’s security was inadequate despite having the resources to invest in such measures. The filing says that data breaches in the health care sector involve extremely sensitive information and can have a a devastating effect on their victims.

The Walgreens class action lawsuit claims violations of HIPAA and Federal Trade Commission guidelines, negligence, invasion of privacy, breach of implied contract, unjust enrichment, breach of fiduciary duty and violation of the Florida Unfair Deceptive Trade Practices Act. It demands compensation for damages, court costs and an injunction directing the company to implement “improved security procedures and measures”.

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