Via, Take 10 Rides For $2.95 Each (Targeted)

Via, a ride sharing service in NYC/Chicago/DC, has a targeted offer that can get you very cheap rides if you’re in their coverage area. They sent out an email last night with a unique promo code, so check to see if you are targeted.

via ride sharing offer

Via Offer

We have a special treat just for you from all of us here at Via HQ. Your next 10 rides are $2.95 anywhere within Manhattan! That’s right, ride for just $2.95 through Sunday, August 20th.

Offer Terms

  • Must enter promo code before booking the ride to redeem the offer.
  • Discounted rides will begin after the promo code has been entered.
  • Promotional rate applies to the base fare only and available for regular Via rides from 5:00pm 08/08/2017 through 11:59pm 08/20/2017.
  • Limit 10 rides.
  • Additional passengers in party will be charged $3 each.
  • No show and cancellation fees are $3.
  • Valid for rides starting and ending in Manhattan only in the Via Zone.
  • Offer not valid for rides to or from any airport.
  • Excludes ViaExpress rides and Shared Taxi.
  • Redeemable only by those offered the promotion.

Sign Up Bonus

First of all check their coverage area here to see if it makes sense for you. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up by downloading the Via App. You can use my referral code”danny7r4” to get $10 of ride credit (i’ll get the same). You can then refer friends yourself. When your friend signs up with your code, they’ll start off with $10 of Ride Credit, and you’ll get $10 too, once they take their first ride.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is a great offer if you were targeted and it is possible that the same offer is available in DC and Chicago as well. Check your emails and let me know!

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