Amex Gift Cards Can No Longer Be Liquidated For Free Through Venmo

If you’ve never heard of Venmo, it is a pretty popular digital wallet that lets you send money to other people and even use it for some purchases. To fund your payments you can use your Venmo balance, a bank account, a debit card or a credit card. All of those options are free to use, except for the last one. Credit cards incur a 3% fee when used to send money.

venmo amex gift cards

One trick that worked with Venmo was that American Express gift cards processed as a debit card and weren’t charged the 3% fee. This made a possible liquidating option for gift cards that are usually difficult to get rid off. Sadly that option is no longer working.

Venmo had a limit of 6 cards per 6 months, so this wasn’t really a gravy train, but was a nice option to have.

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