USPS Now Hardcoded To Reject Gift Cards For Money Order Purchases

I posted yesterday about a memo that was sent out to USPS locations regarding money order purchases with gift cards. The memo, which was first posted by Vinh at MilesperDay stated that the new official USPS policy would be that gift cards cannot be used for Postal Money Orders. However, this was just a set of instructions for cashiers and actual system updates preventing these types of transactions would being pushed to all terminals later on. I thought that would give people plenty of time to get rid of their gift card stock before it was hardcoded. Well, that wasn’t the case.

usps money orders

As of today, it is already hardcoded into all USPS point of sales systems, and gift card are being rejected as a form of payment for money orders. Mark at MilestoMemories has a data point from earlier today and then there’s more data points from reddit that make it clear that all USPS locations will now reject gift cards.

This will be a big blow to many people who relied on USPS to unload their gift cards. With many avenues drying up, it is getting harder and harder to manufacture spend. Walmart and Kmart are now some of the few options left.

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