Up To 50% Off At Closing Walmarts

Walmart announced about a week ago that it will close 154 locations in the U.S., including the company’s 102 smallest format stores, Walmart Express, which had been in pilot since 2011. More than 95 percent of the closed stores in the U.S. are within 10 miles on average of another Walmart.


As per Walmart spokesman Brian Nick, all of the the stores that are closing are currently offering a 25% clearance discount. But, starting today, you might see discounts of 50%. Most stores will close on 1/28, so this is the last week of business and they will want to get rid of as much inventory as possible.

50% off is a great discount and if you have a Walmart nearby that’s shutting down, you might want to head there sooner than later, and hopefully find everyday things in stock for half the price. The discount applies to groceries, cleaning supplies, makeup, vitamins, over the counter drugs and even third party gift cards DoC reports.

You should also check out reselling opportunities. With a 50% discount, you’ll surely turn in a profit on highly sought after items.

The closest closing Walmart near NYC seems to be one in Connecticut, but that’s a two hour drive for me. Check out the full list here.


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