Up To $25% Off At Groupon Till 8/19

Groupon has another promotion that looks to be available for everyone. It comes with three options, with maximum savings at 25%. When you use promo code TAKEOFF, you can get:

  • $5 off $30
  • $10 off $50
  • $15 off $60

The first option doesn’t make sense. The second could make sense, but you can ofetn get 20% off promos at Groupon, so it’s nothing special. The third one is the only one that’s a bit more rare at 25%, so that would make sense if you’re looking at a Groupon around $60.

Groupon 2016-8-18.png


If you don’t have a Groupon account, which is probably rare these days, you can always use my referral link. With code WELCOME new members can get $10 off $25.

Simply Best Coupons has the best rate right now with 10% cash back for Groupon deals. For Discover card holders, Discover Deals is also offering 5% back so if you have the double cash back promo, you’ll still get 10%.

I love Groupon and I always wait for these promos to make purchases. I usually try out new restaurants around the city but I’ve also purchased goods, winery tours, massages etc. Last one I tried, about a week ago, was this Ria Bella Pizza in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The pizza was OK, but I prefer pizza napoletana better. This is a Sicilian style pizza.

Let me know of any Groupons for other great spots around the NYC area.

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