Uber Launches All-Inclusive Pass for $24.99/Month

Uber’s Launches All-Inclusive Pass for $24.99/Month

Uber has launched an all-inclusive monthly subscription service across the United States, except for California. Uber Pass was first tested in several cities since mid-2019. It expanded the original Ride Pass that only offered discounted rates for Uber rides. Now Uber is giving residents in over 200 US cities the option to pay $25 per month to enjoy its benefits, such as discounts on Uber Eats and grocery deliveries.

For $24.99 a month, the Uber Pass membership provides users:

  • 10% off UberX, XL and Comfort rides
  • 15% off Black, SUV and Premier rides
  • $0 delivery on Eats orders over $15
  • 5% off Eats deliveries over $15
  • $0 delivery on grocery orders over $30, where available.

Customers will be greeted with a refreshed experience bringing options like rides, Eats delivery,  bikes/scooters, Grocery (as available), and other ride options together in one place, more conveniently at your fingertips.

California is Excluded

The Uber Pass roll out excludes California. Uber and Lyft have had some very public issues recently with the state law that requires the companies to classify its drivers as employees. Uber has been vocal in fighting back against it, stating that it could even shut down its service in the state.

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