Uber Now Lets You make Multiple Stops On Same Ride

Uber announced a new tool yesterday that lets users add up to three stops to a trip. The feature is rolling out globally and most customers should already see the option in their apps. Only customers with the latest version of the app will be able to add multiple stops. Previously, Uber customers had to either change their destination in the middle of a trip or meet friends at one place to catch the same ride. This new option makes things much easier. The feature is not available for UberPOOL rides.

Riders can split the fare of the trip, but it will be divided evenly and not base on the cost of each stop.

Uber Multiple Stops

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How to request a ride with multiple stops

You can request that your driver make more than one stop within the app. Here is how:

1. Open the Uber app and tap the “Where To?” box
2. Tap the “+” to the right of the box
3. Tap “Add a Stop” to add your first destination
4. Tap “Add a Stop” if you wish to add a second stop
Note: You can only add 2 extra stops 
5. Tap “Save” 

Stops will be made in the order they are added. To remove one of your destinations, tap the “X.” 

Remember to keep each stop under 3 minutes.

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