Uber Flat Fare Packages Available Again (YMMV)

Uber Flat Fares are back again, but these are usually YMMV so check your emails or your app for the offer. My offer is for NYC only but it’s usually available in other cities as well. Let me know if you see it.

Uber Flat Fare Package NYC

Uber Flat Fare

Enjoy guaranteed low fares in New York City for 28 days when you purchase a flat fare package. Choose your rides and pay a one-time activation fee to lock in $3.99 POOL and $9.99 uberX rides for 28 days. There’s no limit on the number of rides you can take on the offer I received, so the more you ride, the more you save. Flat fare passes are valid for 28 days after activation. Flat fares apply to rides up to $20 value on POOL and $25 value on uberX.

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Offer Terms

Qualifying flat fare rides are non-transferable, and package terms and conditions vary by city. Unused flat fare rides will expire 28 days after purchase. Flat fares are only eligible within the New York City Flat Fare Zone. Flat fares apply to rides up to $20 value on POOL and $25 value on uberX. based on standard pricing. If your total ride cost exceeds the maximum value, you’ll be charged the flat fare, plus an overage for the dollar amount over the maximum ride value covered. And don’t worry, if the total ride cost is ever less than the flat fare, we’ll charge you the lesser amount.

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