Promotional Iberia Avios Can Now Be Transferred to British Airways

Iberia has a great promotion recently and I’m sure many readers too advantage of it. You could earn as much as 90,000 Avios per person by booking 10 of the cheapest flights you could find. That meant that initially you could buy Avios for as little as 0.2 cents a piece. Even after the cheapest flights were gone, you were still able to buy Avios for about 0.3 cents, which is still a great bargain.

transfer iberia avios to british airways

Initially there was some skepticism. And it was understandable since the promotion did look like it was too good to be true. But eventually the bonus Avios started posting for those who followed the rules.

These bonus Avios from Iberia are not like any other Avios. They were cheap but have some restrictions.

  • The Avios must be redeemed by December 1, 2018 (you can travel at a later date)
  • If you transfer these Avios to British Airways “you will have a negative balance in the Iberia Plus programme” once they are not used by 12/1/18.

Besides the transfer being forbidden in the terms, is was also blocked in the transfer process, so you couldn’t do it anyway. But now it seems that Iberia is tracking back. You are now able to transfer these bonus Avios into your British Airways Executive Club account.

Should You Transfer Avios to British Airways?

First of all, to be able to transfer Avios, you need to have had both accounts open for at least 90 days. Then there’s the issue of whether you should transfer just yet.

While the transfer is now possible, the terms on the bonus Iberia Avios earned from the promotion still stand. So it is a possibility that you could end up with a negative balance on Dec 1st.  I would say that’s a bit unlikely since Iberia took action to make this change, but it’s better to wait for some kind of confirmation first.

Then there’s the question of which Avios are better for you. British has higher fees usually so look into that before transferring. Also we do not know what happens to the expiration date once the Avios are transferred. I would think that December 1st still stands.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This new development makes these points more valuable since you can combine them with British Avios. But for now I would still be cautious and wait for confirmation from Iberia that transfers are OK. I have yet to use my Iberia Avios. I was looking to redeem them for a trip to Europe in August but I waited too long and availability is gone.

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3 thoughts on “Promotional Iberia Avios Can Now Be Transferred to British Airways

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  2. What are your thoughts? If I transfer my promotional Iberia avios to BA, where I have a large balance, then purchase a ticket for over the 90k avios thru BA(I’m finding better availability on BA), but still have over 100k avios remaining in BA…will they consider me to have used the promotional Iberia avios?

    • I really don’t know for sure. Since they did this change proactively, I would think that that would mean that promo Iberia Avios would have been used up. But best thing to do is wait a bit if you can. We should get more info in the coming days. Maybe some confirmation from reps at least.

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