TradeStation Crypto Trading, Get $150 Bonus with $500 Purchase/Transfer

TradeStation Crypto Bonus

TradeStation Crypto Bonus, Get $150 Bonus with $500 Purchase/Transfer

TradeStation has a $150 bonus for new brokerage accounts. But now there’s also a similar bonus for crypto traders. You can get $150 when you deposit or purchase $500 of any cryptocurrency. Check out the details below.


Get $150 worth of Bitcoin when you purchase or deposit $500 worth of a supported Cryptocurrency in your TradeStation Crypto account. Open a TradeStation Crypto account using offer code TSTVAFYH and maintain a minimum balance of $500 to the the bonus.

A reward of $150 notional value of BTC will be paid out in two monthly payments of $75 of notional value of BTC, with the first payment made by the end of the second full month following the date of purchase of supported cryptocurrency or the date of qualifying deposit of supported cryptocurrency and the second payment made by the end of the third full month following such date.


Offer Terms

  • Only new TradeStation Crypto accounts with the correct promotional code entered are eligible for this offer.
  • You must purchase at least $500 notional value of supported cryptocurrency assets, or initially deposit at least $500 notional value of supported cryptocurrency assets, within 45 calendar days of account enrollment.
  • Only one offer is available per client on one qualifying account. Rewards will be paid by deposit into customer accounts with TradeStation Crypto.
  • The amount of BTC rewarded during a particular month will be based on a 60-day simple moving average price of BTC in U.S. dollars as of 5:00 pm Eastern Time on each day, calculated as of the first day of such month.

Guru’s Wrap-up

This is again an easy bonus, just like the $150 brokerage bonus, But there’s a bit more risk involved. You have to purchase $500 in crypto, which are normally more volatile that most stocks. With the $150 bonus you should still come out ahead even with crypto fluctuations.


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