Test Drive Chrysler Pacifica, Get $50 Gift Card

You can get a $50 gift card for test driving a Chrysler Pacifica. The gift card looks like it comes in the form of a Amazon or Target gift card and you can even get it from the comfort of your home apparently. Usually for these offers you’re able to go to a dealer and have them give you the necessary code even without a test drive. But in this case you’re able to do everything online, but expect some spam


Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up here and select information for the Chrysler Pacifica
  2. Look out for emails. After about 12 days you will received a third email with the $50 gift card promo
  3. You can choose to go to a dealer OR Click “Redeem Test Drive” in the email (takes you here)
  4. Fill out info using your promo code provided in email. Make sure you use the same name, email address, street and zip code you used under step 1 above. Use this dealer code list to fill out the required dealer code.
  5. You will receive an email almost immediately titled “Your eGift Card from the Chrysler Brand has arrived.”

HT: slickdeals

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