Test Drive a Subaru, Get $50 Gift Card

Subaru will give you a $50 Virtual Visa Gift Card when you test drive one of their cars. This is twice as good as the usual $25 bonus so it probably makes it worth the trip for most people, especially when you bring a friend or spouse along for the ride.

As is the case with most test drive bonuses, you don’t have to make a purchase at the dealership. You just need to print the coupon and then do the test drive. Sometimes just telling the salesperson that you only want the bonus, will make your trip even quicker.

Subaru 50.jpeg

To get the coupon you have to visit one or more of your local Subaru dealerships website. Click “New Inventory” or “New Models” on the top left menu and then on the left sidebar click through the models until an offer shows up.

Most of the dealership that I searched were in NY and Northeast. Let us know if you get offers in your state, and if they’re different from the ones I received.

Offer Details

  • Limit one coupon redemption per household per 6 months
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have driver’s license and valid insurance (most likely not enforced)
  • WRX models excluded
  • Expires 2/29/2016

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