Tech CU $150 Bonus, Soft Pull & 1K CC Funding (CA Only)

Update: Bonus is now available for CA residents only.

I posted about the Technology Credit Union $150 bonus in November, but back then I wasn’t sure if this would be a good deal or not, since there weren’t any data points available.

Tech CU

Well there are a few now after a few brave souls went for it. As DoC reports, this is a soft pull. To make things even better, new accounts can be funded with a credit card, up to $1,000.The original offer expired in 12/31/2015 but it has now been extended until 7/31/2016. This is a nice bonus that gets a little better with the credit card funding and there’s no monthly fee with a minimum balance of $0.01. I’d recommend going for it. I will!

Offer Details

  • Apply here
  • Account Type: Basic Checking
  • Promo Code: MOVEON
  • Availability: CA
  • Expiration Date: 8/17/2017
  • Inquiry Type: Soft pull
  • Credit Card Funding: Yes, up to $1,000
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: $500 within 90 days
  • Additional Requirements: One bill payment within 90 days
  • Monthly Fee: No (Minimum balance of $0.01)
  • Closing Account Fee: Unknown

15 thoughts on “Tech CU $150 Bonus, Soft Pull & 1K CC Funding (CA Only)

  1. IMPORTANT — may be New Info, in bank’s requirements, per their site:

    in fine print (current offer: )

    1) $100 credit for establishing, within 90 days of opening Tech CU checking, a * recurring * Direct Deposit to Tech CU checking of at least $500 in 1 transaction per month.
    2) $50 credit for performing a Tech CU online bill payment within 90 days of opening Tech CU checking account. Maximum total credit $150.
    3) Credits are posted to Tech CU savings account as of the end of the month in which the verified qualifying transaction occurs, but will NOT count toward the balance — AVAILABLE FOR WITHDRAWAL — * until 6 months AFTER account opening.
    4) If account is closed within 6 months of opening, credit posted [i.e. $150] under this offer and any dividends accrued thereon will be * forfeited *.

    thus: since have to wait 6 mo’s til can retrieve out our $150 Bonus Credit:

    a) pay $8 to join Financial Fitness Assn
    b) deposit $1.01 into Ck’g acct, $25 into Savings acct
    c) do 1 ‘online bill payment’ asap (get it over with)
    d) wait til Month 3 to setup “$500 recurring Direct Deposit” [ACH, etc]
    > just make sure your 1st $500 DD/ACH, hits within 1st 90 days
    > I presume, a ‘Recurring DD/ACH’, not a ‘1 Time’, must be setup
    > must maintain ‘Recurring’ until Day 181; $150 Bonus tied up til then
    e) just after ea $500 is available, withdrawal / spend it
    f) Day 181 post ‘Opening Date’ — withdrawal / spend $150 Bonus Credit
    g) after above, finally rec’g your $150 Bonus Credit, Close acct

    miss any other relevant / important details, to follow? appreciate update(s)

  2. Danny, there’s some changes to the latest offer. I opened one in July and the most it accepted for initial deposit via credit card is $100 for checking and $25 for savings, total of $125. Still no minimum balance required and no monthly fees. I have already fulfilled the DD and B/P requirement, just waiting on my bonus to post.

  3. it comes with a savings account that requires a minimum $25 opening deposit.

    any idea if that account has any fees?

  4. Danny what is the easiest way to make the $500 direct deposit requirement? You referred to Capital One 360 and Alliant – can you explain how to set up account with both institutions and whether one of them in particular is preferable (more convenient) to make a direct deposit? Do you just have to make 1 direct deposit of $500 or must there be recurring $500 deposits?

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